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Legno e Mare (Wood and Sea) started life in Livorno on 20 March 1995 as an artisanal workshop producing olive wood accessories for the recreational boating market. Initially we were totally willing to meet any kind of request, and in a short time this brought us a considerable amount of work for various types of market. Without realizing it, we were accumulating what would prove to be one of our greatest assets, diversified experience in a variety of markets. Although still a small artisanal business, Legno e Mare grew and continued to grow year by year. In 2005, an agreement with one of the worlds biggest distribution chains, and the subsequent registration of two copyrights, one in the household goods category and one in the articles for pets sector, was the turning point that led us to specialize in two product ranges.
On one hand, the cutting boards together with a range of useful kitchen and cooking items, on the other, backed by an ingenious copyright, we started making olive wood toys for cats.
Legno e Mare was founded by Gabriele, tirelessly creative and with deeply rooted ties to Tuscany, who was driven by a great desire to produce in Italy. From this dream, perseverance and sheer hard work came the idea of making hand crafted products that would be competitive internationally, a Made in Italy linked to the local area and tradition, but also able to meet high production targets.
The choice and design of the products are always discussed with the customer, and customized to meet every requirement in terms of function, aesthetics and originality.
How do you start working with us? You explain your needs to us, we draw up an estimate, and if our price is agreeable, we will send you a free sample. A this point, if you are satisfied, we can begin producing for you

Greetings to everyone...thank you for choosing us and thanks to all those customers who have helped us grow and improve.